Art Leather is a small company specialized in the production of articles of particularly fine leather.
In collaboration with local craftsmen, we produce high quality articles, respectful of the ancient art of Tuscan leather goods, and offer our customers truly original products that are designed to last.
The leather used for production comes from Santa Croce sull’Arno and has been tanned exclusively with tannins extracted from vegetables, without the use of prohibited or toxic substances.
This ancient process gives our articles extraordinary beauty, producing exquisite leather that is supple, elastic and brilliant, with small veins and natural imperfections typical of the finest artisanal leather craftsmanship.
No piece made by us is ever identical to another. There are always different gradations of color and shading, making each piece unique, the mark of products made exclusively by hand.
Our products are available online in our e-shop or in our store in Assisi.